Hello Everyone,

I'm Justin Davis
from Hatteras Island, Dare County, NC.

I'm just starting my experience with Beekeeping this coming spring. As usual I have been reading as many books
and magazines as possible. As well as internet articles and now this forum. I'm always drawn to learning things
that take a lot of studying. After all, that's what makes life so fun. People keep asking me why Bees? They think
I'm nuts. I just say, to learn about nature and experience working with it. So proceeding up to this event we have
cleared a nice qtr acre for our bees and garden.

Read a few books: Accidental BeeKeeper, Beekeeping for Dummies
Magazines: American Bee Journal, GRIT, Bee Culture Magazine
Catalogs: Brushy Mountain, and various others

Mother Earth News Fair, PA - Attended Top bar Hive Talks and met with an Urban Beekeeeper, and Carolina Bees.

I went to Mother Earth News Fair in PA last weekend and my girlfriend and I soaked up as much info as we could on
bees and the companies involved in the industry. Brushy Mountain was there and had a small booth. I was pretty
excited to see even a smoker and a few top feeders. As expected I made some purchases for the coming spring.
Everyone I met who were into beekeeping at the fair, I asked the same question... "how many hives?, one or two?"
They all said, Two. I'm going to be honest, I'm a little intimidated to be starting with two hives, but they say you
will learn more and you will be able to swap honey or brood frames to help a slower colony. At the fair I went
ahead and ordered 2 of the brushy mountain 8 frame hives, wax frames, smoker, goat skin gloves, bee brush,
and 2 top feeders.

I bought a bee suit a while back. The Ultra Breeze suit. I got that one due to the voting on this forum saying it
was the best one. Now I'm not a big sissy but I am scared of getting that first sting.

Now... we are in deep! Shaking in our boots a little but better to respect the girls than not.

If any of you keep bees within a few hours of us, we would love to be able to make friends.
This is a daunting hobby for the beginner. My grandfather has been beekeeping for 30 years
so I will have some help. But if I can get info on a local Dare County or Currituck County Club
we would love to join up! Also if you know a good bee supplier for our order... help!

Thanks for reading. We are delighted by the thought
of having our own honey.

Excited and ready for spring!

Justin and Sara
Soggy Island Farm, OBX.