I started with a package in April in a deep 8 frame hive. Six weeks later, I added a 8 frame medium super. Two months later I added another 8 frame medium because it appeared that they had drawn out the first medium. They really have never utilized the 2nd medium I put in. They would hang out up there but only drew it out a very small amount. They never stored honey in the 2nd one. Today I opened it to find that they have chewed about 1/4 of the foundation. The bees that were in that 2nd medium seemed to be occupied chasing about a dozen small hive beetles. My question is-- because of the time of the year and the fact that they never really utilized the 2nd medium, would it not be wise to remove it? It seems that it's just more room for them to police. This would leave them with the initial 8 frame deep hive, and a medium which is nearly fully drawn and utilized. They seem not to use the outside frames on both hive bodies, so there is still some room.