I have a hive on a residential property. It has never bothered anyone in the neighborhood. There is plenty of Kudzu & Honeysuckle there. That is why I put the hive there. It is very strong. Right after I put the bees there someone took the top off of it. There is a block on top so I know thats is what happened. I put it back and tacked a NO TRESPASSING sign on the hive. I also installed a deer camera to get pics of the INTRUDERS. Nothing happened for 2 months so, I took camera in fear of it being found and stolen. I have since removed the honey (Box was full) and Saturday I drove by to check it and the hive was knocked over, damaged back, bottom board tossed 4 ft.

How do I know its kids? There were about 1 dozen rocks 8 inches in diameter or better within a 2 feet radius & a big stick (limb)... I had planned to go today in the afternoon and fix the hive but, woke up to a drizzle of rain so at 6:15 I had to leave home and go 7 miles to fix it. Thats when I found the honey super was busted and 4 frames were also... I had to run to my beehouse and get parts and put it all back together... It was sad what they had done to these bees. The bees were still there and still a huge colony which I will split next year.

Question: Whats your thoughts?
What should I do?

I know the kids that are doing this... I am putting camera back up again... I am in Alabama 55 - 82 degree weather this week...