I inspected my 2 TB hives Sept 23, and found lots of bees covering each comb, 10+ bars of capped honey, 10+ bars 1/3 to 1/2 filled with capped honey and uncapped nectar, and the brood bars at the front with a 1 or 2 inch band of honey at the top, but no real noticeable brood. The bees had been very active on the yellow crownbeard, but that is dwindling now. Today, Sept 30, there is very little activity at the hive openings. The temp. is in the 70s and its sunny and pleasant. My question is, are they done for the year and just sitting inside enjoying their stored honey? There are still scattered flowers blooming, just not an abundance of any one flower. Should there still be a lot of capped brood and brood of other stages? I am a first year beekeeper, and am unsure what I should be observing now in SW VA.