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    Default Intruders snooping around my hives!

    Spotted some bees being wrestled off the landing boards on my hives today, somewhat larger and blacker than mine (with gray stripes instead of orange, too). Only one or two, and the girls were effectively running them off, but I put my entrance reducers on anyway -- gonna be cold and wet for a couple days and I'd prefer to head off a robbing frenzy.

    I accused my brother of letting his bees steal my honey, since his bees look a great deal like the ones I saw, but I don't really think they are, he's at least three miles away and there is lots of forage at the moment. Could be though.

    So we put an entrance reducer on his hive too, after I made a couple. I like closing them down in the winter anyway, and it's likely getting on mouse season here too.


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    Default Re: Intruders snooping around my hives!

    It sounds like your bees and you have thwarted that potential robbing problem. About a month ago one of my nucs was getting mauled by other bees so I moved it and narrowed the entrance as small as possible and eventually stopped it. The robber bees were all through the nuc up in the feeder. It was mayhem that I started I guess because I put some stuff that was covered in honey out for the bees to clean up. It drew in bees from somewhere. I could tell they weren't my bees because they were getting oriented to my yard and coming from somewhere else. Glad you got things under control. I was just out narrowing things down for winter too. It started raining


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