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    Default Seeking opinion on latd season harvest and feed

    I am in central Ohio and I have a colony 3 seeps. Bottom 2 are full of bees top is 1/3-1/2. The center deep is full of honey and the top is about 1/2-1/3. How much honey should I take and is it too late to feed them. If it is. Ot too late how does that affect how much honey to take. I am located 30 min south of Columbus Ohio so South Central Ohio

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    Default Re: Seeking opinion on latd season harvest and feed

    I'm in south central Indiana and I usually overwinter in two deeps. I like for them to have about 80 lbs of honey heading into winter, which is equivalent to one full deep of honey. In your situtation, I would take the topmost deep off, and let them have the rest, which should be enough, i.e., no need to feed.


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