I am winding down the hives now. I treated half of them with a sugar dusting and the others I left alone.

The hives are reduced down to the smallest amount of supers. I use all mediums. Some are in 3 supers and a couple in 2 supers.
I could not get them to draw more comb out. So I removed the empty supers.
I reduced the entrances down smaller to keep any mice out. And I removed the top vented super I used all summer.
They are down to a SBB, reduced bottom entrance and a small top entrance in the inner cover for ventilation. I will
add a piece of 1 inch hard insulation under the top cover next month.

I have been feeding 2-1 sugar syrup since the middle of August so they could build up stores for winter. I pulled all the feeders yesterday.
I also gave each hive one pound of pollen patties each for brood development while I was feeding syrup .

Well now they are busting at the seems! The hives are full top to bottom and side to side with bees, larvae and honey. Each hive has at
least one full super of honey for stores. Lots of brood in all stages. I am worried they may swarm for more room.. I don't have any extra drawn comb
and I don't think there is time to raise a queen or get one mated if I did, so a split is pretty much out. If I take any frames out all I have is foundation to put
back in the hive.

Hence the challenge. Should I try and do something to keep them from swarming or do nothing and let them do what they want?

What a wonderful experience bee keeping is!!