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    I no there is one hell of learning curb on bees. But I go to the yard every day to watch and learn,or try too.Is it my imagination that the bees will tell you something is wrong.Like when they bbuzzz you hard but dont sting. Always makes me me start looking around.I think they are telling me something ? Im I wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by keswickb View Post
    Like when they bbuzzz you hard but dont sting.
    Many people would interpret that activity as the bees giving you a message. The message is that they don't like what you are doing (or you are just too close), and they want you to go away.
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    Yup. Their vocabulary is rather limited to "go away, I hate you" when the bang in your face and "die!" as they sting you.

    Occasionally you will get a "friendly" bee that wants sweat and will pester you for that. Not a problem unless you squeeze her accidentally, in which case she will promptly sting you.

    However, their behavior can tell you quite a bit about what's going on in the hive and if something is pestering them.

    Busy bees flying in and out hauling in pollen and nectar is a sign of a happy hive. When things are well inside, happy queen, good brood, etc, the bees tend to ignore you completely. Too busy making more bees and storing honey.

    Bees running in and out of the entrance and piling up on each other and sliding off the landing board, somebody unwelcome is there. Likely you have attempted robbing or a yellow jacket attach, or mice or skunks.

    Lethargic bees, little activity when other hives are busy, time to look inside and see if all is well. Likely a brood problem of some kind, or excessive wax moths, etc.

    Abnormally noisy bees that run more than normal and rush out of the top bars when you open the hive even when using smoke, time to look for the queen, likely the hive is queenless and you may need to fix that soon.

    And much more.



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