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    Default Too late to requeen in UP of Michigan?

    Hello all. I currently have one hive. I was inspecting them today getting ready for winter, and saw that the hive is queenless. There are 3 queen cells, one capped and 2 with larvae in them. I do not have another hive to combine them with. I doubt that the weather will be warm enough for mating flights by the time the new queen hatches. I am in the southern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Do you think that it is also too late to order a mated queen and introduce her to the hive? The hive is in good shaped for winter with lots of bees in 2 deeps. The second deep is completely full of honey. Any insights would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Noel

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    Default Re: Too late to requeen in UP of Michigan?

    I would try to find a queen from someone in the south and get one in the mail right away. When she arrives make sure you cut out all the queen cells. Do a thorough frame by frame inspection and be certain you got all of them, and also look closely to make sure there is not still a failing queen in there somewhere. You don't want her to kill the new queen. If you find any eggs or very young larvae she is still in there.

    It sounds like the colony is ready for winter and it would be a shame to let it go. Buying a queen right now is a lot cheaper than a spring package next year.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Too late to requeen in UP of Michigan?

    I just opened one up also and noticed about 20 queen cells. No queen present. Im going to give it a small nuc if the new queen doesnt mate.


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