In a local chat group, there was a discussion on LW Hive Drones (progeny of the LW) and their genetics. One participant suggested destroying the LW Drones because this trait is passed on. I must admit, I was "WOWED" . My understanding was LW was a result of lack of open brood pheromones suppressing the "anarchist." Dave Cushman speaks on this.
a paper
It is fascinating! Some things I read are contrary to my "teachings", but I am a "Grasshopper" trying to learn.
I'm not comfortable going out and doing genocide on a group of LW drones. In the big picture, I do not see this as needing my intervention. How often would this have to happen to passed on to be significant enough to be actually observed. Seems even if it was passed on, it would normally be bred back out and in a few generations. Seems to me it is part of the balance perhaps best acknowledged, but left alone. JMHO but interested in what others think/know/experience