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    Default Rethinking my beekeeping theology - Bottom boards: screened or solid?

    Hello all,
    Alright, don't get mad at me. I know I have posted alot positively about screened bottom boards. But I have really been researching the subject of solid or screened bottom boards, and also studying my own hives. I was partial to screened BB's because of all I had heard before starting beekeeping; you know, all the IPM values, ventilation, etc. I have run screened bottom boards for three years, and just found out several months ago that I had a light varroa infestation. I tried treating with powdered sugar dusting, and when all was said and done and all the stingers dug out, I said, "I am never doing that again!" I then tried one treatment of Hopguard, and now have done mineral oil fogging, same as the Fat Bee Man. Do you have to have screened BB's to have Hopguard or fogging to work? I don't think so. I am pleased with the ease of Hopguard and also very pleased with the FGMO fogging. So, why not use solid BB's if the screened BB is not a must for the Hopguard/FGMO to work? I have observed my hives and am noticing that the brood patterns/nest are larger in the two hives that I have solid BB's on. Also, solid BB's are cheaper to build (at least timewise) and purchase. Plus, if I become commercial (palletized), as some of you know I intend to, I won't want screened BB's. So I am seriously rethinking my varroa treatment strategy, and am considering switching to all solid BB's. What do you all think? Are there factors I am not considering? Please input. Thanks in advance!
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