Paul Sheppard- Beekeeper/ Golf Course Superintendent

I have been a beekeeper since 1984 and worked with Africanized Honey Bees on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. I have and also had hives in California and presently work with a group of beekeepers on the island of St.Lucia. Since I am also a Golf Course Superintendent I have been linking beekeeping with Golf Courses by changing much of our maintenance practices in consideration of the bees. For example, in St.Lucia, we have converted 10% of the golf course to natural habitat and have been planting nectar producing shrubs and trees along roadsides and ditches. I teach beginning beekeeping both in person and online and help, almost anyone that asks with their hives. My wife and I moved to Black Mountain last year and I have become involved with the local Center for Honey Bee Research which has connected me to a wonderful and well informed group of beekeepers.