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    Default I'm Back 300+ stings

    Spent 1 day in hospital and took alot of meds for swelling and overall monitoring. The reason I felt up to the challenge is my mentors are 2 80+ yr old men. One wheres a veil and the other one never where a veil. Due to not wearing gloves for a long time and working my hives I felt it was time to go suitless. These old men they buzz around their hives and hardly ever get stung. To add insult to injury when I came home beautiful day bees flying and they opened these hives of mine up and tore them apart.Emmit was stung 1 time on the hand and said it was his fault for smashing the little fellow. As mentors they have taught me alot and I teach them the new. They can't read so I give them my bee mags and family members read to them and sometimes I do and we talk about articles.The lesson learned gloveless only cause I will never put myself thru this ever again.Drs estimated well over 300+ stings. Nurses got 58 stingers out of my head alone.Trust me a armpit sting is the worst.Drs said due to limphnodes being so close to the skin and veins and arteries they were surprised I got no sicker than i did. In talking to Drs. did you know that bee venom is one of the less known venoms in the medical field. They say most of the info. they learn comes from western states where the AHB prosides. It is also the least studied venom out there by our medical schools. Drs talked my ear off asking questions about my experience with bees. They told me they learned a lot and they took notes and even brought in medical students.Everything from how my hearing was affected to sensations I experienced and since I am already on pain meds cause of my back I didn't take any just stuff for swelling and tordall if you ever find yourself eat up like I was does wonders for swelling.Anyways I am alive and lucky not to say the next time I get stung I won't need a Epy pin just have to see. On a good note my mentors have willed me all their hives when they die since no one in their families are interested.LOL My pitbull who tried to save me won't follow me around my bees no more. He lays under the trees and observes and squeels like a little girl when stung. Coward! Still my buddy though.
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