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    Default We just got a swarm. Have some ?'s

    My bud and I retrieved our first swarm from near his hives this evening.
    Its fairly small and was placed into a 10 frame deep with foundation for tonight and a screen over the opening for ventilation.

    We are thinking these bees won't survive the winter but are going to give them a chance by placing them into a Nuc.
    I brought them home, reversed the inner cover and placed some honey on it that came from his hives till I can start them on syrup.

    Am planning to put them into half of a divided 10 frame deep tomorrow morning that has a nuc already started in the other half. It consists of two boxes of 4 frames each on that side

    My friend has 6 medium and 4 shallow frames of capped honey that he kept in the freezer as a resource if needed.
    Even though it's a deep Nuc, I'm going to place some of the medium frames of capped honey into it and maybe some empty deep frames of drawn comb.

    Any suggestions?
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