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Thread: Hobby uncapper?

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    Default Hobby uncapper?

    I have to admit that uncapping is my least favorite part of this hobby. I was wondering if anyone makes a small uncapper suitable for a serious hobbyist?

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    Default Re: Hobby uncapper?

    i have yet to uncap but i have seen someone use a fillet knife that was razor sharp and it seemed easy enough.

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    Default Re: Hobby uncapper?

    I'm way past the hobby stage and its still my least favorite part, I still use uncapping forks myself. I don't care for any kind of knife hot or cold. I've gotten good enough with the uncapping fork that I can do a medium frame both sides in a little less than a minute I'd guess. I know that an automatic uncapper is what I need to take the drudgery out of harvesting, but they are pricey even for a used one, but that's my next big purchase. John


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