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    Question langstoth hives

    I built my boxes from the Dafant plans on this website,the turned out to be too deep.I cut an 1/8 in. off.
    Now can someone give me the inside width of their storebought box because I seem to have an excessive amount of space between my frames and the walls,P.S. this is a ten frame box.

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    If you followed the plans they are not too deep or too wide. The space is supposed to be there above the frames. It is called "bee space." The extra width is to allow you to remove frames and once again proper "bee space." Sorry you cut too much off. Now you can nail a piece back on to get the proper depth, live with the mess it will make in the hive, or use it for firewood.

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    If you do trim, trim the bottom of the super. Top rail on either end of the super should be 5/8 deep. Shouldn't trim supers until the wood is fully dried and will no longer shrink. Will take a number of months to fully dry.

    Depth of a super should be depth of a frame( 9 1/8 for frames inour area) plus 3/8 bee space.
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    You will need bee space all around the frame except where it sits on the rails. That means at least 1/4" and no more than 3/8" (excpet that nearly all deeps from the factory have 1/2" between boxes for some reason).

    You should also have some wiggle room at the ends of the frames in the rabbet, too, otherwise it becomes nearly impossible to get them out! Bees coat everything with propolis, and like to glue that end space up.

    Inside dimension should be 18 3/8" I think (19 7/8" minus 1 1/2"). One place you can run into trouble is using rabbet joints on the boxes rather than box joints -- you will have to shorten the board to account for the difference in the joint. I use a double rabbet when I make rabbet joints and have to make the sides 3/4" shorter as a result. Outside should be 19 7/8" by 16 1/4", inside 1 1/2" smaller using 3/4" lumber. If you lumber is NOT 3/4", you will need to change the OUTSIDE dimension to account for the difference, else the inside will be off.

    Hope this helps.


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    >I seem to have an excessive amount of space between my frames and the walls

    Put them tightly together in the center. The extra space is so you can get the frames out. If they were all tight you would not be able to get the first frame out.

    The space inside width wise is 16 1/4" minus 1 1/2" which would be 14 3/4".
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