you would have to keep the difference in climate between utah and alabama in mind, but...

i successfully over wintered 5 nucs last year. they ranged from 5 - 7 frames and all were in a single deep.

i made solid divider boards out of 1/2" wood, and reduced the space by removing the foundation only frames. i put the drawn frames and bees on the 'sunny' side of the hive, then the divider board, and filled up the empty space with crumpled up newspaper. i also insulated the top, and left small vents open at the top.

all five made it fine, never ran completely out of stores, but i did a little feed in the form of patties in march.

i was told that there should be at least half of the hive with stores, (a little more shouldn't hurt), and the other half should have open comb for clustering.