This hive was kept on some property in the mountains of North-East Utah this summer. Due to the extreme drought and lack of nectar flow the hive became very week (others in the same area had the same problems). I brought the hive back to my urban backyard where my other 4 hives have been doing great.

The hive has been doing well, numbers have increased slightly but to be safe I was going to OFF the queen and combine the hive with one of my stronger hives.

HOWEVER, I noticed a few strange things in the hive, such as uncapped brood and halfway uncapped brood...which I've read is a sign up Foul Brood. I've also noticed a lot of the cappings are sunken in. I did do a roping test on a few of the brood, but I couldn't get any of it to rope.

Here are some pictures, things aren't looking too good and I don't want to add this hive to another if there is a serious problem. I need someone who has more experience than me to tell me what's going on.