after reading the 'unique forum rules', i have reconsidered and would like to continue to be part of this forum.

i have made my approach known, but i can respect the purpose of this forum and abide by those rules.

i especially liked sol's invitation to "Feel free to ask any and all serious questions and engage in spirited discussion and learning".

so here goes.

i would like to present a hypothetical situation, and solicit responses from those of you who practice treatment free beekeeping regarding what you would do.

the hypothetical is this:

you are a beekeeper with 10 hives, have a neighbor a half mile away who is a beekeeper with 6 hives, and you have had feral bees in your vicinity for many years.

upon inspection, you find what looks like afb. you send a sample for analysis, and it comes back positive.

what would you do?