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    Default To Remove Super or Leave It

    So I have an 8 frame bee hive that has two deeps and a medium. I extracted the medium before the fall flow assuming that the bees would fill it. There are a ton of completely full deep frames in the lower deeps. Last I did a full inspection the top deep only had two frames of brood in the center, but seemed to be back filled. The bottom had a bit more brood, but has a ton of honey. I have been feeding trying to get them to fill some of that top super, but thus far they have done nothing with it. Idea as to what I should do with that super? Leave it alone as is? Remove it and leave them alone?

    Edit- If every deep weighs between 8-9 lbs (according to Michael bush's website a 10 frame deep weighs 80-90 lbs), I should have enough honey between those two deeps. The top eight are basically full and at least half in the lower box are full. That's twelve deep frames of honey, maybe more. I guess the question should be, do I bring the medium down in order for them to have more cluster space?
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