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    Default Thoughts on plan?

    So next year I plan on grafting some queens for the first time. I only have two langs and would like to leave one untouched for better honey production. So here is my plan.

    Get a queen as early as possible in the spring. Take established queen from hive and make a nuc and introduce new queen to original hive. Let the nuc build up until filled with bees. Remove queen from nuc and rear queen from larvae from bought queen in the nuc. Use queens to requiem trouble queens and make splits from nucs and the original hive. Let nucs build up, rinse, and repeat. Of course this may not all happen quickly and as planned, but I need to start somewhere.

    There are going to be some assumed things here such as making the queen cell builder/finisher hopelessly queenless before introducing grafts. I will likely check after removing queen in about 3-4 days and remove queen cells. I figure this will provide a strong colony to raise queens.
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