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Thread: I'm so confused

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    Sad I'm so confused

    I threw my back out in the spring and just got into my hives. Two have the same issue. Lots and lots of bees, brood, larva, and eggs scattered throughout the frames. Barely any capped honey almost no pollen. In the spring/summer they both had two uncapped supers of nectar. They have been pretty angry this summer I thought they were honey bound. That is not what I discovered. The two supers are still mostly uncapped! I don't know what to do to get them ready for winter, fall has arrived like gang busters and with the brood spread through a deep and a medium, hardly any pollen nor capped honey. I'm worried. Any advice? I have honey I can feed back to them. Should I remove the nectar, leave it or .... The brood is so spread out I don't know how they will keep it warm although the hives are stuffed with bees. There are a lot of SHB. This past winter was so warm and we had a weird spring I think they were able to over winter..grrrr.

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    I would feed the honey back if I were you. I might even condense the brood to the middle of the boxes. They'll take care of the rest.

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    How full are the two supers? If they are both fairly full, just uncapped, I'd probably leave them on the hive as winter stores (take off any excluders). The bees will handle consolidating the broodnest now that temperatures are dropping. For the SHB, I'd get a few of beetle traps that you hang between frames.


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