Just wanted to share a pet peeve of mine. I sell raw on heated unfiltered honey. This year I made enough to sell it to local health food stores. Yesterday I made a sales pitch yesterday where the store owner was really excited about the honey. Today I brought it in-- a case of 24 queenline jars only to be met with a tepid "oh thats raw honey really?...It doesnt look like the raw honey on the internet.....?"

I then had to explain for 15 minutes about how the honey is in fact raw but recently extracted and so it is still pretty clear. This company Really Raw honey makes claims on their website (which is one of the first one that comes up for raw honey that: raw honey is supposed to be smooth creamy and spreadable with wax chunks it"

I told the store owner that what they were selling was more of a creamed honey, and that if mine sat around for untold months that it would crystallize up too, and that many customers don't even like the consistency of creamed honey (in my experience anyway). Also, I could have been lazy and not even strained it, so that there were big chunks of wax and bee carcasses in there which doesn't sell either.

Anyone else have to deal with this nonsense? I left annoyed as the store owner implied by her questioning that I was somehow offering fake raw honey--she asked me several times if I heated it---which I never do. She bought it but still I don't need to be interrogated.