Hey all:

I'm in Parker, CO (near Denver).

I started 2 hives with nucs in late May. I didn't feed them anything, expecting them to populate the foundations themselves. In August I found that I had several empty (untouched) foundations and started feeding them.

I have fed the hives 4 gallons each of 1:1 syrup since August. I guess I achieved my goal as there are now more frames with comb and honey/syrup than before. The brood area is reduced to a half-frame here and a quarter frame there in both hives.

It is late September and freezing will start in a few weeks. It's already down to the mid to high 40s at night.

Since both of my hives appear to have 5-6 frames of capped honey and uncapped syrup in 10 frame deeps, should I put a 2nd deep on then keep feeding? Or should I overwinter in 1 deep that doesn't have a lot of room for brood?

I envision that I could take honey and uncapped syrup frames from the original deep and start the 2nd deep, then put empty foundations in the bottom deep. Is that advisable?

Thanks in advance for your experienced input!