I've been demo'ing at Old Dry Road Farm http://www.dryroadfarm.net/ for 16 or so years and usually it's humid and quite warm.
Not this time.
We had a good crowd come out with the cool weather and I showed how to make strap hinge finials throughout the day.
Making hooks was getting old so figured I'd try something different.
Also gives me some good practice fullering with the edge of the anvil and hammer.

In past years I would demo dutch oven cooking and make PUD cake, a main meal and rustic bread.
Friends of ours have two daughters that are interested in dutchies and along with two of their friends, did the dutch oven demo this time.
They made up some great food!

In the photo I was playing around with a spear point finial.

Next demo is at the Hay Creek Apple Festival: http://www.haycreek.org/festivals.htm