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    Default queen cage plug

    This morning I did a cut out of a small colony, nuk size. I found the queen and I didn't have a queen clip, but I did have a queen box, the kind you get when you buy a queen.

    I got her in there and rubber banded the screen on the end where I'd taken the staple out. The opening, I plugged up with a chunk of their comb. I left the nuk and went back at dusk, looks like they're all moved in. I screened it and brought it home.

    Will they chew through that wax or should I release her? I don't want to open the box if I don't have to. I put the queen cage on the bottom of the hive.

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    Default Re: queen cage plug

    Check in a couple days, they should chew her out,,,no pun intended.

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    I did the same thing about two months ago. I checked after three days and she was still in the cage with wax plug still intact. Needless to say I released her.


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