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    Question Baffled

    Today I was doing my last pre-winter manipulation... pulling supers off, condensing, etc etc etc, when I ran into something that baffled me.

    On one of my boxes (a pretty strong one too) that i requeened this year I found a frame with probably 40 drone cells and 2 queen cells - one capped and the other full of jelly. There was PLENTY of brood in the box, the queen was doing well... spotted her about 4 frames over just doing her thing.

    I may be crazy going into winter, but basically I took the frame out, grabbed a mixed frame of brood, pollen, honey/nectar in addition from my other 5 hive for a total of 6 frames and 4 of pulled but empty (dont have any nucs). They are still working goldenrod heavy, have buckwheat that just started blooming, feed 5 - 10 watermelons busted daily, and just started 2:1 this past week.

    Is it crazy to try to winter a "nuc" this late in a single deep? Would you guys/gals with years of experience done differently?

    Im hoping I can pull it off this late for a new hive.... Im just still not sure why my new queen would let this happen in her box.

    Advice? (well, its done now) feedback?

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    Default Re: Baffled

    Sounds like it was going to be a supercedure. They probably would have went into winter with two queens and came out in the spring with one.


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