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    Today was the big combine weak hive with strong hive. Going through each frame of weak hive, frame 6 has capped brood??? What?? Frames 7,8, and 9 have capped brood and open larva on both sides. (didn't have reading glasses so didn't see eggs) and found the queen on frame 9. Didn't have the heart to kill her. So, any shot for this single deep to survive the winter? Very little honey, but I took the super off the strong hive in order to combine and would gladly give the honey from this to the plucky but maybe too late hive. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    pcs, since you have a super full of honey that can be placed on this hive and three full frames of brood, might as well give them a chance at survival. From your strong hives take several brood frames and shake the adhering bees into the week hive to build up the nurse bee numbers wait for one day till the field bees leave then Place the super on them and when it gets a little colder place some granulated sugar on top of the super along with pollen sub. I would winterize by using a solid bottom board, reducing the entrance and insulating this hive on top and the sides because their numbers are very low going into winter for the cluster to generate enough heat for survival. Also when colder weather gets here and you place the mouse screen over the entrance it might be best to create a sun shield over top of the entrance to help prevent excessive snow deaths in order to give them their best shot at survival. This can be successfully done because I brought a small cluster the size of your fist with no winter stores through a very cold winter, I feed them MegaBee supplement through a heated feed box that I rigged up on top of the inner cover, the queen and thriving hive is still with me today. Southeast Ohio Zone 6A

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    Will the strong hive make it without that super? If so, then I vote giving it to plucky.


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