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    Default making a website?

    Who has made a website for themselves ? I want to make one and i don't know how to start, i looked at different places on the net and they all have a different price structure ? i guess it boils down to what options you want on the site?


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    Default Re: making a website?

    I've made quite a few sites for myself and for others, but none of them bee related. I needed the ability to put up custom scripts for commercial and non-profit group sites for purchasing, registration, etc.

    I went with for it's pricing and functionality. Some of my friends who don't want nor need much functionality also went with Siteground because of pricing and the ability to go through them for the domain as well. They've been pretty reliable through the years.

    Other friends of mine are quite happy with Go Daddy.

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    Default Re: making a website?

    I have made several as well,including the very large Country Garden site which we ran for 12 years.I closed it down last fall.It's really not hard to do a basic website if you get the right host.I have used 1and1,Godaddy and Yahoo at various times,finally settling on Yahoo for it's ease of use.
    They have an interface so simple that even I could do it.
    There are some things to do early on.
    Buy a good HTML book...The For Dummies one fits me.Be sure it's the latest edition #5 it think
    Get web host and domain name.It's easier to keep them in the same place.
    beg,borrow or steal a simple page to get you started.You can reverse engineer easily.

    You will do your first few pages with the book in one hand,computer keyboard in the other and the air blue around you.
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