Well riddle me this, I just did a sugar roll and found I have a terrible mite infestation in my overwintered hives. I know I should have found this out a monthy ago, but I didn't. They are doubles and pretty well stuffed with honey. About four frames with sizeable amount of sealed brood and a frame or two uncapped and winding down for the season fast. I need to knock the mite load down now and don't think I should wait til they are broodless to drizzle Oxalic. I am leaning toward Apistan or Api life var. I have been experimenting with various controls that don't seem to have done the job. The bees have been on 4.9 mm frames since I got them as nucs April 2011. I have sacrificed drone brood frames. They had a brood break where I took a nuc from them last spring and made them raise a new queen. Last spring I fed Oil of Thyme and Oregano for a brood cycle with Lemon grass oil to speed their taking it while raising brood. Must have just been a fine year for mites. What now?