I do find this thread “Amazing”, but for a completely different reason than most that have posted here.

I realize that many beekeepers are set in their ways. *Almost everyone has an aversion to change. *This is not limited to senior citizens or beekeepers. **I think you are being shortsighted to dismiss all the combined wisdom that is undoubtedly present within the bee club, just because you disagree with their treatment philosophy.

This is my challenge to you. *Answer these questions and then consider those answers.

What is the combined number of bee hives represented by those that have posted on this thread to date? ***What is the combined number of years of beekeeping experience of the same posters? *How do these numbers compare to the rest of the population you are choosing to disregard?

Don’t misunderstand me. *There are a lot of times (especially surrounding resistance to change/trying new things) when I disagree with older more experienced keepers than I. *But they do, for the most part, deserve respect and have a wealth of other knowledge that I would be remiss to ignore. *They have more experience and actual time in field than I will ever have. *Why would I (you) think that I have all the answers?

Just because someone disagrees with your stance does not validate make theirs wrong and your right.

It doesn’t matter to me what your answers and eventual decisions are. *I just would like you to actually take the time to consider just where you are and how you got there.