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no treatments were used all year, except a one time antibiotic treatment in march for the remaining 9 hives, after number 10 tested positive for afb and was burned.
Now what would you want to go and do that for? That just invalidated everything you had to say. Getting rid of entirely unnecessary treatments is exactly the point of this forum. You treated them. There is no 'I didn't treat them, except for that one time.' Frankly, your results are invalid in this forum.

And just for those who may not be familiar, let me explain why. Antibiotics kill microbes wholesale within a hive. There are literally hundreds of species present and they compete with each other. Specifically, the one that causes chalkbrood competes with the one that causes AFB. Now they've all been severely wounded and the chances of AFB surfacing are now much greater than they would have been if you had left them alone.

You've stepped on the treadmill and selected the program. Better get off now or you're going to have to start walking.