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    I'm feeding 2 of my colonies because they just haven't taken off like the other. (It has a scrillion bees and lots of honey stored). I use a top feeder from Brushy with floats. Just curious if I should be at 1:1 still or if I need to think about thickening it up now. We don't get much fall flow around here (says an experienced beek about a mile away). The temps are 80s over 60s mostly these days.

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    If I had your weather, I'd probably never feed 2:1.
    Right now we are 3-5 weeks from first frost, and will get no reprieve once the cold starts until March.

    I mixed my first batch of 2:1 for the winter yesterday.

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    I never feed less than 5:3
    Typically 1:1 is for spring and 2:1 is for fall, but I can't get the 2:1 to dissolve and the 5:3 keeps much better than the 1:1 and works just as well.
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    I'm with MB on this. Your purpose at this time of season is to deliver as much carbs as possible...and the simplest way to do that is put in as much sugar as you can dissolve easily.
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