$%^ BEE 1.jpg (Click the photo to enlarge it.)
There is no pain with it at all, and a lot of the swelling has gone down since yesterday. It was my own fault, not the bees. I had removed four of the bars off the back of the hive so that I could slide the feeder farther towards the back so they'd finish filling up the hive with comb for storing winter honey. TopFeeder sm 423 plastic.jpg
While the hive top was opened some of the bees came out. After I closed it up, I noticed that there were about 25 bees in the back corner trying to get into the hive by going UNDER the bars; that was impossible, but they kept trying. I could not figure out why they were acting so silly, and kept brushing them off the hive with my fingers... thinking that they would fly around to the front entrance. Last night it occurred to me that these were the two-week-old bees that were building comb after eating the sugar water. They had never been out of the hive, so they did not know about the front entrance; one had had enough of my brushing them off where they knew they had exited, and she nailed me in the eye since my face was about a foot from her. LIVE AND LEARN!