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    Default Robber bees in my new cut-out

    I don't know what to do. I have a top bar hive into which I introduced a cut-out 5 days ago. They have a few bars of brood however not much honey. I went with a group to capture 2 hives and ended up with some nice chunks of comb filled with honey. I attached these to my bars and put them in my hive. Almost immediately, maybe 100 bees were zooming around the hive, hanging out on the landing board and hovering in front of the hive. It appeared the guard bees were going crazy trying to keep out intruders. I immediately put in an entrance reducer - even though it's hot and the bees have been bearding on the front of the hive. (I think to cool off). General hive activity appeared agitated throughout the day.

    I think my hive is being robbed; how can I be sure? I'll check tomorrow.

    What can I do? If I don't feed the bees they will probably starve; if I do feed them they will be robbed.

    I just started keeping bees and it feels like a full time job.

    thanks for any feedback you can offer.

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    Default Re: Robber bees in my new cut-out

    Jarvis, the robbers are attracted to the smell of honey from the cutout comb, You did the right thing by reducing the entrance, this robbing action should start subsiding when your bees have the honey cleaned off the comb and sealed in capped cells. When you start feeding you will need to keep the entrance reduced. I would not feed with an open feeder inside the hive at this point, use an inverted container that has small holes in the lid so as to keep the syrup smell at a minimum. If the robbers are still a problem today try placing an open feeder with syrup around 25 yards from the hive so as to attract the robbers to this feeder and away from your hive, when the feeder is empty then the robbers should be satisfied that the source is gone and things should return to normal....Take care Southeast Ohio Zone 6A, Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up

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