Woke up this morning with an email from someone wanting bees out of their wall. So I went to a job I had to do and then went a couple of miles down the road to the customers house after I was done with work.

I had to remove the light fixture and then glue the cone-assembly right to the wall with some great adhesive I found today at Lowe's.

I brought my whacked top-bar trap-out hive that I slapped together with spare wood.

Everything seemed to go really well. They were PISSED, though, when I started taking the light fixture off. There were multiple bees attempting to sting me, and one eventually got me on my shoulder/neck area - no biggie. It climbed through my hood on my jacket, under the veil.

The tape you see at the top of the assembly was just an added thing I added in case the glue did set too well at first. I didn't really need the tape because the adhesive was really good.

Anyhow, enough of my babbling.................here's the video and some photos:

By the way, this video turned out really good. The audio of the bees is just phenomenal.