We recently started producing a complete pollen supplement, but I have heard from more than one West coast commercial beekeeper that freight costs too much to make it feasible. Unfortunately, I agree, but there is no way around freight when shipping pollen supplement...

I would like to get your opinions, especially those that are mixing tons of supplement. I realize commercial beekeepers can buy a great deal of pollen supplement ingredients locally and skip most of the freight charge.

We currently offer a 5lb per ton vitamin and mineral supplement. This covers the major vitamins and minerals that beekeepers just can't get with standard ingredients. The 5lb per ton supplement is formulated to work with commonly used ingredients beekeepers can buy to make their own pollen supplement. However, with our complete pollen supplement we actually use a premix of vitamins and minerals that accounts for approximately 75-100lbs per ton of dry pollen supplement. By designing the formulation from scratch, we were able to balance all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients more accurately.

My question is... Would a 75-100lb per ton premix be of interest to commercial beekeepers? I am tossing around the idea of providing the overall pollen supplement formula to go with the 75-100lb per ton premix. This way beekeepers could buy the bulk ingredients locally and then purchase the premix to go with the final supplement formula.

Thanks for your time and input!