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    Default TBH new comer from MA saying hello.

    Hello everyone,

    Just introducing myself. I've had bees for a little over a year now. Started out with a TBH and a colony of Italian bees I bought out of CT.
    Since then I've collected a swarm from the original hive so now I have two working hives both doing well. I'm still making this stuff up as I go
    along but I've come to believe ( in my vast 1 year and 3 months experience ) that the bees know what they're doing and if you just let them do
    it, it will all sort itself out in the end. Of course, it might just be that I've been lucky.

    Well I can't promise that I'll have anything wise or valuable to add to this forum but I'm pretty certain that I won't bore you. I'm very pleased
    to be a member here and I look forward to many interesting problems and solutions.

    Talk to you all soon

    Ken Lepage
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    Default Re: TBH new comer from MA saying hello.

    Hi Ken,
    Welcome! I am worcester county also and my first year as well.

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    Default Re: TBH new comer from MA saying hello.

    You can learn alot from most on the forum, good luck.

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    Default Re: TBH new comer from MA saying hello.

    Ken, Just a word from a 4 year nube. Don't get too complacent re. mites. Hives may make a great showing with limited or no mite treatment for year one - but winter of year 2 could be disappointing.

    Good luck and enjoy!


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