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    Question Milk Chocolate Honey-The Color of Steeped Tea

    Hi! Is anyone seeing very deep chocolate covered honey post fall extraction? I am in my 5th year of beekeeping, and this is the first year I have seen such a chestnut hue (or deeper) coming from the comb. My friend, Victor (yeah,you!), has me entranced by these little girls and says the thread should begin. I am in Zone 5 in the Hudson River Valley. I have 15 hives, Russian, Italian, Carniolan, Buckfast. I have started to harvest the gold with one exception...the honey is very dark in color and not gold at all. It has been extracted, sieved through fine mesh and tastes and looks like chocolate. The forage might provide goldenrod, sage, viburnum, herbaceous plants, lavender, butterfly plant, holly and who knows what my neighbors are planting...!

    If you have seen it, tasted it and queried it, please tell me your story. scratch:

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    We sometimes get a late summer "honey"here that is that color and even darker.It is really honeydew,gathered from the oaks, and there is a good market for it.Some folks love the taste.

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    Welcome Nancy!


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