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    Default Getting ready for winter

    I have my bees in s. pa. The temp during the day ae around 74-78 degrees and 45-60 at night. When should I start to wrap these hives with felt paper? I also havea question about my smaller hive, it has 10 full deep frames I added a second deep but they haven't drawn it out much, very little, my question is should I leave the second deep on or pull it off. I am pulling a med of honey off a larger hive and putting on this hive.

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    Default Re: Getting ready for winter

    I normally wrap my hives after the last honey harvest which is immediately after the first frost. Yes, I would take that second deep off, and make sure that the bees backfill the broodnest in preparation for winter. You still should be able to successfully overwinter the hive. Hope this helps.


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