Received a call lastnight from a guy that has bees in the "soffit and fascia" of his house. Well, at least he "thinks" they are only in the soffit and fascia - he doesn't think they are in the eves of the house. Anyways, he wanted to know if I would come and remove them.

The soffit is about 12' off the ground and they have been there for seveal years. He then proceeded to tell me that he sprayed the entrance using 3 cans of insecticide, but they are still there.

I informed him that with the main colony safely behind the entrance, he could spray all he wants, and while a few bees may die, he isn't going to kill off the colony. He asked if I was interested in removing them.

Why would I want to remove a colony that has been sprayed? He then asked if I would come over and suit up and finish the job. (I'm trying to raise bees, killing them is kind of against the flow of things.)

I'm guessing he will be calling the local pest company.