I have seen those videos ( thanks) and that's what gave me the idea of placing it on top of a main hive.
Am glad to hear that single box Nucs are able to make it through the winter in these parts.
But, if this winter is as bad as they say it may get, the Nuc may be better off on top of another hive.
Also, since this year is an experiment and we only have one Nuc, I'm going to stay on course for placing it on top for the winter. It's just a gut feeling I have.

Next season we will have more Nucs to experiment with.
I found the Coates 5 frame Nuc plans and will be building some of those this winter. Next year when they get built up into 2 or 3 boxes I will try them by themselves.
All of the hives are getting granulated sugar as a backup when they stop taking syrup.
After checking the Nuc yesterday, it's impressive how well they are doing for only getting started in August.