window swarm.jpgI saw a gentleman spraying a can of something at a window sill outside of a church today. I had to turn around and find out if they were honeybees, they were. I am a first year beek and usually I post on the beekeeping 101 thread but now I am interested in this chance at a swarm, cut out or whatever it is called. The bees are flying into 1 or 2 little holes in a window sill. The gentleman said that they must be crawling down between the brick(outside wall) and the drywall/plaster(inside wall). So opening up the wall is not a possibility, at this point anyway. I called the 2 local bee suppliers near my area and they said it might be close to impossible to get the queen or any of the bees out without cutting out the comb too. I was hoping someone here would give different advice but imagine it will be nearly impossible to get the bees out without opening a wall. I thought a pheremone lure to an empty box or vacuuming them out. As I said though, I have no experience in this area of beekeeping, I plan on reading my books and looking online after I post this to try and find an answer in addition to all of you. I have attached a photo that shows the entrance holes, window and sill. By the way, the orangish/yellow stuff to the right is great stuff insulation used last year when the bees were there, not a queen cell. The sill is up about 7 feet so it was a bit hard to take a decent shot. Any quick accurate help is greatly appreciated, as I think the church wants to get rid of the bees one way or another very soon. Thanks a ton, juzzerbee