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    Default I hate it when they fly off!

    I have a small cut-out I did from a plastic bucket about a month ago. I had high hopes for them, mostly for use to requeen a different hive using them as a nuc. I got them set-up and gave them a queen. Two days after they let her out - off they went! Made off with my good queen. Little rascals. Feels kind of like having your virgin daughter run off with the Hell's Angels.

    It would be nice if there was a way to predict this sort of thing. Second time I have had a hive of ferals abscond this year - on the same hive stand even. Must be something about that spot.

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    Default Re: I hate it when they fly off!

    Paul, sorry for your loss, I had a swarm abscond on me this spring with my new marked queen and I think it was from using pressure treated wood as spacers under a deep box ( I was running short on bottom boards ), I caught the swarm again by throwing a short piece of wood through the middle of the swarm as it was leaving and they came down in my peach tree. I got rid of the treated wood, rehived them and they stayed put this time. They are peculiar little buggers sometimes.
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