I'm not partial to wasps but I don't mind them. Seems like the European variety has taken over though, I haven't seen the native one in years like I used to when I was a kid. Anyways, I used to breed cichlids so I used small ceramic pots for the egg laying sites, this one found it's way onto my porch and some wasps moved in. It's been knocked off a couple times but I just piece it back together and the wasps go back to doing what they do.

I've saved it a couple times as the ants around start raiding all the wasps nests when it gets hot and dry, but came out the other morning and this young female mantis had found the honey hole.

I relocated her to the bush and a few wasps returned later, but there weren't any there when the mantis was finishing up one of the girls. She was on the outside sitting next to the opening but moved in because my kid wanted to pick her up.