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    Default No smell on Formic=bad

    I put on a Mite Away II pad (Formic Acid) to two hives this weekend. The first one out of the package had almost no smell. Pretty new to treating so did not think much of it. The second one I put on I could smell as soon as I opened the package. It is in a bucket of 10. Looking for Options: Let it ride or remove and replace. Yes they are old, yes I am cheap and would rather not poison them anyway.
    I did a 24 hr. sticky board test last month on 3 of the doubles that I could get to easy. Maybe one or two per hive, thought I was good for the year. Bee meeting suggested sugar roll since this was last chance of the year to treat. I did a sugar roll this weekend and had 3, 4, 10 and 12 for about cup of bees. The 12 mite count hive was only in the top box, bottom was almost completely empty of brood or honey.
    Weather has been unseasonably warm at highs of 80s for this week. Extended forecast is for our usual rain and 60s for this week so I am thinking change it out. I also have 4 mated queens in 5 Frames, 2 that are just now laying that I can replace a queen if they do not make the treatment cycle.
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    Default Re: No smell on Formic=bad

    The old Mite-Away II pails were good for a max of 3 years from date of manufacture. If they were fresh, the pads were most effective within the first 7 days. It's doubtful that old stock would have any efficacy, since they haven't been made for a couple years. I would not use.

    The new MAQS has a 1 year shelf life if stored below 78 degrees before the formic dissipates and an indefinite shelf-life if stored in a freezer. Since the treatment cycle is now 7 days, the product is the most effective in the first 3 days. Some will use for flash treatments.

    If the product is at full efficacy, a slight whiff of it will knock you back.
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