Another new beekeeper here with lots of questions. Started the year out with two hives. One of them suffered from lack of a queen, layings workers, severe robbing and finally failed. The other seems to be going gangbusters. Two deeps with lots of honey, one medium super fill to the brim, and another medium super that the bees are currently working on. The goldenrod flow, in my opinion, is very strong and still going on. I started a treatment program the middle of August including the insertion of Check-mite II. The strips will be coming out on the 24th of this month. Most, if not all, of the honey in the medium supers was stored while the strips have been in, so, not appropriate for human consumption. Should I:
1. Just leave everything as is? Don't remove the supers assuring a good supply of honey for the winter?

2. Remove the mediums and extract? Save the honey for feeding later on in the winter or spring. Let the bees clean up the frames of residue honey? If

3. Remove the mediums and place in a freezer to be re-applied to the hive when needed or even use to make nucs?

4. I am open to suggestions. Any and all will be appreciated.