First year beekeeper hear, had 2 hives since May and they have been doing great, queens laying lots of bees. Found a few queen cells the last month or so but have always found my marked queens. Last week my mentor told me of a swarm and help me catch it, went smoth and bees have been in my yard for a week. Checked them a few days ago and could not find a queen or sign of one. So I asked my Mentor to come to help me find my queen and check out my other hives. Went out today and sure enough no queen in new hive, I had put in a frame of brood a few days ago and they had started to raise a queen. He told me it was to late in the year to wait on them to raise a queen and suggested that I order a mated one. So we inspected my first hive and got down to the brood box and found my marked queen on the second frame we pulled out. while checking a couple of more frames, he spoted a unmarked queen on a frame 3 over from the one we found the marked queen. I would have missed her if he was not with me, not good a spotting unmarked queens yet. With his help was able to catch her, marke her, cager her, and move her to the new Hive. What a learning experance today.

Guess it was my lucky day.