Okay,well I received my new queen today from BeeWeaver and she's a real beauty. I didn't want to leave her majesty in that cage of hers any longer so I decided to go ahead with the shake out today. It's been threatening rain all day but only a slight mist here and there.....until.....
Just as I was about half way through the shake out,the skies opened up and drenched all of us. I was able to get all of the frames shook out but no one was spared from the rain.
I now have bees returning to the hive but others are still out in the yard,wet and not moving. I decided to put some lawn chairs over them and then added a tarp for some protection from the rain. I'm hoping that this will help them dry out a bit and it will allow the NON-laying workers to return to their warm,safe hive. Any other advice that you guys can offer? Will they come home or look for somewhere new to start over?
And yes...her majesty is tucked away in the hive in her push in cage.