I have observed a small hive I have, carrying/flying out, purple eyed larvae that have DWV. Some adults as well. Not tremendous numbers but it intrigues me. Have not seen DWV bees on the ground. If they are un capping and pulling larvae out, does not not mean they are sensing this affliction, and, interrupting the varroa cycle when un capping? I also realize this means they have mites but hey
I started this nuc from a swarm cell about two months ago. I gave them minimal resources to get them going with the idea they would peak late fall and overwinter in two five frame nuc boxes. Some drawn 5.4 and some "natural" cell. The GGGrand "mother queen was a swarm I captured. Treatment free, and dealt with a huge mite load and survived.
I think, this is just what they are supposed to do. Just thoughts